• Organisational behavioural change

  • Improved commercial results

  • Improved staff retention

  • Implementation of a solution with long term ongoing results

  • Benchmarking your team against other world class organisations

  • Clear ROI

About Us

About Our Firm

What You Will Achieve Working with Us:

Generate Organic Business Growth Through Existing People

​​NSB Sales Consultancy Ltd

Investing in people can be a big commitment for any organisation; which is why it is important to define clear goals and demonstrate its effectiveness; only then can the Return on Investment be clearly understood.

Our Return on Investment focus is what differentiates us from the competition.

NSB Sales Consultancy was founded by Neil Blow. Neil has established an international training consultancy which not only knows how to develop people but also understands the pressures and complexity of running and leading an organisation.

Neil and his team have a depth of real-world experience amassed from a multi-faceted and focused work history. Neil believes that it is this real-world experience which enables them to work so effectively with clients and most importantly demonstrate a Return on Investment.